Our Shop

Within only 190 square feet, we cram in quite a lot. With our friendly staff we will try to find what you seek or an appropriate alternative whether it be an ingredient, a lunch-time snack, cheeses for any occasion or a special bottle of wine. You will find our prices surprisingly modest.

We may have a reputation for only selling British & French cheeses, but we actually source from 15 countries and most are freshly cut to order and these you can usually taste before you buy.

As for our wines; we seek those that you will rarely find on Supermarket shelves, ie. a selection that we like – most between £6 to well under £20; House NV Champagne £21.95, Sherry, Madeira and Port (and one Marsala!) – some succulent ‘pudding’ wines and an eclectic range of Crèmes (Cassis, Chataigne, Figue, Fraises, Framboise, Mûr), Scotney Ales/Beers, and Norman Hunt's East Sussex Ciders.

An A-Z of some other products you can usually find in store:
Amaretti (soft & hard), Artichoke Hearts, Anchovies, Biscuits for Cheese, Benenden Sauce, Baklava, Biscuits, Blinis, Butter, Carol's Eggs, Capers, Canapé Cases, Charcuterie, Chestnuts (Pre-cooked), Chocolates (various), Ciders (local), Clotted Cream, Coffees, Crackers, Crème Fraîche, Cream, Cranbrook Conserves Chutneys, Dressings, Foie Gras, Fish Pâtés & Soups, Fruit Juices, Fig Cakes, Finestrotti, Flat Breads, Frozen Yogurt, Fruit Cakes, Gazpacho soup, Garlic, Gherkins, Gift Hampers, Gnocchi, Greek Meze, Hams, Halloumi, Houmous, Honey, Ice Creams, Jams, Liqueurs, Marmalades, Mustards, Mushrooms - dried & fresh, Nakd Bars, Nougat, Oat Cakes, Olives (loose or jars), Olive oils, Pastas, Pasta Sauces, Pâtés, Pesto, Pink Lemonade, Preserved Lemons, Pomegranate Molasses, Port, Quail's Eggs, Rillettes, Rosemary's Chicken Liver Pâté, Rice Cakes, Ricotta, Roasted Red Peppers, Sauces, Shortbread, Spices, Stuffed Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes, Smoked Fish, S.W. France confit/cassoulet, Trout, Turkish Delight, Toffee Waffles, Vanilla Pods, Vinegars, Vincotto, Wine Gift Bags, Yogurt.